Lighting a fire with a magnifying glass

In the attempts to make a success of our lives we tend to start new ventures without having fully invested ourselves in our previous venture. Attention Deficit Disorder is a psychological illness where sufferers find it hard to sit still, read a book for long or focus on a specific task long enough to complete it. While ADD is a well-recognized psychological problem, many people who don’t have ADD also struggle to focus on something long enough to complete it. One of the reasons for this is that we usually underestimate the amount of effort and practice required to master a particular skill. This partly stems from the arising culture of quick fixes, for an example; instant foods seem to be gaining market share because everyone wants things now. A person who wants to be a master piano player may expect to play like a pro in just a year and thus will get frustrated when a year later their skills are not at the level they were hoping to be at. Many aspiring pianists though they have talent probably gave up because mastery was taking longer than expected. These individuals would then begin to try everything else because they had now convinced themselves that they were not good with the piano. If some of them were patient and practiced long enough they would have become successful pianists. Even if you don’t have that much talent sometimes you can be successful simply because of dedication and concentrated effort. Even if you were born to do something, it may still take time for you to be ready for the assignment.

The main idea here is that if you focus on something long enough, sooner or later you will be so good that people would be willing to pay good money to obtain it. You need to follow one course until you are successful. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus. Albert Einstein did not regard himself as a genius but rather he believed he was successful because he stayed with problems longer.  Most vocations are complex and thus dedication, focus and patience are necessary for mastery to be obtained. A soccer player who does not practice can’t expect to be as good as someone who practices 5 days a week. To whom much is given, much is required. The amount of your output will be determined by the amount of your input.

There are many hindrances in life and the truly successful are those who manage to fix their eyes on their dream regardless of what is happening around them. These people are able to maintain their vision over long periods and they often use their new experiences to fine tune their vision.



time_watch_gold (1)

Societal pressures often cause us to compare ourselves among ourselves especially where it relates to financial success. We seem to believe that people of the same age and historical background ought to more or less have the same financial standing or level of achievement at a certain point of their lives. This can’t be true because our paths differ and there are many factors that determine our life situation at any given point. I strongly believe that every individual soul is here for a unique purpose . This is the intense sense of inner knowing that you are destined for bigger and better things despite your current situation. Somewhere in the inner most parts of your being you know that there is meaning behind your existence. You somehow know that there is something significant you must accomplish before you return to the land of no form. Keeping this in mind, most people live their lives constantly working towards fulfilling that purpose or achieving that child hood dream. The problem arises however when things get tough and it appears as though all your efforts to better your life are proving futile. This is when you start comparing yourself to your so called successful peers and start wondering if there is something you are not doing right. This is when you get frustrated because people you started with are already seeing the fruits of their labor while you are still climbing what seems to be an endless mountain. This is a very painful experience because it questions your abilities and your self-worth. I can even go as far as to say some have ended their own lives because of this reflection. Is it possible though that those people had the inner power to overcome their challenges but they gave up because they lacked the knowledge needed to look at their situation from the right perspective?

In 2 Corinthians 10:12 Paul writes:

We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.

According to Paul, it is not wise for us to compare ourselves among ourselves. Even though bad decisions may have brought us where we are , if you have real faith in God then your life situation no matter how bad it seems is most likely the result of His divine hand. The bible says “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord”. Paul also in Romans 8:28 says all things work together for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

It boggles my mind every time I ponder on the implications of the below biblical text:

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. (Matthew 4:1)

The wilderness experience was obviously not a pleasant one for Jesus but the bible reveals that he was led by the Spirit to go there in the first place.  From this we can conclude that this unpleasant experience though uncomfortable was in fact a critical event in the greater scheme of his divine purpose. Everything happens for a reason and your current hardships are part of the bigger plan for your life. God measures the weight of our problems and only gives to each person according to their capacity to withstand. God has allowed certain challenges in your life because you have the required specs in you to handle it. It is obviously not easy but it is in you to overcome that situation even though it looks impossible right now. It is a matter of trusting God even though things don’t make sense.

Planning for your future is an essential part of success but planning can easily turn into worry and anxiety when things don’t happen as planned. When you have done all you could do then the rest is up to God. If it is not happening yet then chances are you are not ready or certain things are not yet in place for you to enter into your domain of rule. The title of this post is “trusting the timing of your life” because you will not achieve your dreams when your friends achieve theirs. You will achieve your dreams when God’s appointed time comes. If you are doing you part by working on your dream as often as you can then you need not worry about when your breakthrough will come. Jesus used many parables to explain the Kingdom of Heaven and the following is very suitable for the discussion at hand:

He also said, “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.  All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come.”

There is much that can be deducted from this text but what I want to highlight is the point about learning to trust God as we walk towards our destiny. The man scatters the seed but does not really understand how germination takes place. All He needs to do is plant and cultivate and leave the rest to nature. In the same light, God says do your part by practicing and preparing and leave the rest to Me. Another noteworthy point from the text is about the gradualness of growth. The full kernel in the head does not appear immediately. The stalk appears first and from that point more growth takes place. You need to be willing to start small because every big thing you see today was once a small thing. Also when you work on your skills through practice, progress is not immediately evident. You cannot be a master overnight which is why focus and patience are prerequisites for true success.

In closing: Trust the timing of your life and believe that your dreams will come true at the right time. When you begin to trust God then worry and fear will dissipate. Your stress levels will also decrease and you will start enjoying the present moment and appreciating the simple things in life. This will even have a positive impact on your overall health. It is this positive energy that will draw better things into your life and gradually things will start falling into place. The pieces of the puzzle of your life will begin to form a clearer picture.



I love the seed analogy because therein lies a lot of profound truths about destiny and success. In this post I will be discussing the concept of agriculture from the perspective of a seed. The word agriculture is made up of the words ‘Agra’ which is vegetation and ‘culture’ which comes from the word cult. We know that a cult is an unorthodox or unusual spiritual group driven by passion for whatever the group believes in. Agriculture in other words means to grow something in an unorthodox fashion; it is to grow something in an unusual or unlikely environment. People who are pregnant with destiny have a way of growing in unusual places; they have a way of surviving in conditions where others can’t.

Since the beginning of time, the law of seed time and harvest time has been consistently maintained by the universe. It is a law that God put in place to ensure that there is pro creation which is why everything contains its seed within itself. Destiny is therefore concealed in a seed when it is planted. A seed can never reach its destiny unless it is planted. In the same light you can’t reach your destiny unless you are planted. Planting in this context might mean practicing your skills daily, going to school to study what you love, it might relate to dedication towards your dream and even unwavering focus. If you do something daily towards the attainment of your dream then you are planted. The fact that you were born at a particular time of history and in a particular geographic location also points to planting. Your life is not a mistake; you came here for a unique and divine purpose.

The process of being planted is not pleasant for the seed. This is because planting is very similar to burial. When a seed is planted it dies yet that is the only way through which it can become what it was created to be. As you walk towards your destiny there will come a time when you will feel like giving up because of the burial. This is a vital part of the process, so don’t abandon your mission at this point. A seed is so small when it is planted but is transformed into something bigger through the process of planting (burial). You may be feeling overwhelmed right now because of the many problems in your life that are on top of you but you have the power inside of you to rise above the ground. You are in a temporary state of dormancy and you will rise up again. The ground in which you are planted may be dark and you may not see where your life is going but you will once again see the light of day. Things will soon make more sense and your life will become more structured.

Planting is however not the final process if you want your seed to grow. After planting the seed, you have to water it. Watering a seed is like feeding it so that it may grow. This is when you invest even more time and energy into your dream. This is when your dream becomes the focal point of your existence. As the old saying goes “You get out what you put in”. The more of yourself you invest in your dream the more you will get out. There are no shortcuts to true success. You have to work on your craft until the world can’t ignore you anymore. Not only is it important to invest your time and energy towards your dream but you also need to put your money where your mouth is. Before anyone else can invest in your dream you have to invest in it first. Invest in your own education, buy that equipment, save for that venture capital. When a seed is watered it reaches a certain point where it breaks (germination). Watering your seed can be frustrating because you don’t know when your seed will germinate that is why it is so important to trust the timing of your life. You need to know that God’s timing is always perfect and that if you continue to faithfully water your seed, God who is the author of your story will take care of the rest at the right time. If you keep on watering your seed, a breaking point is inevitable. It is a scientific fact that everything has its own breaking point. If you keep on pushing, the walls of your limitations will eventually come down.

It is worth mentioning that the germination of the buried seed is in fact a violent process. The seed coat literally explodes because of the watering. From this, we can deduce that the more you put into your dream the more painful it will seem. Unlocking your destiny is a painful process but the temporary pain is nothing compared to the future glory you will experience if you continue watering your seed. As soon as the coat of the seed explodes, the little life inside of the seed begins to emerge which absorbs more water thus accelerating the growth. This happens until the little plant has enough strength to push through the ground and miraculously, we start seeing the little plant above the ground. What was once concealed for a long time is now revealed. If the farmer continues to feed the little plant even at this stage then the plant will grow and reach the heights of its ultimate potential.

Do not uproot yourself because you feel buried. Burial is a vital part of the process. Continue to water your seed. Believe in your dream and don’t compare yourself with anyone because our appointments in God’s calendar vary. Need I remind you also that God usually saves the best for last? Your time is coming.



This is one of those articles I wrote spontaneously at the moment of inspiration.

Our unique pain and discomfort serves as a point of reference for us to relate to the pain of others. It is our own suffering that qualifies us to be effective mediums of divine teaching.

God allows a certain level of adversity to enter our lives to strengthen us and to ensure that we do not rest beneath our purpose. These attacks come with a lot of fear and uncertainty and we start doubting the legitimacy of our dream and wonder if we will ever survive to fulfill our highest calling.

Children of destiny have an inbuilt sense of purpose which they can’t easily explain. This sense of purpose and meaning does not go away no matter how hard they try to avoid it. How can it go away for the bible has declared that the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable? Even though Joseph in the biblical narrative was anointed and had a sense of destiny from an early age, the events leading up to the fulfillment of his purpose were painful and confusing. At some point, he was probably convinced that the dream he had as a child was just a whole lot of rubbish. The unfolding events of his life put him in a corner to a point where he felt hopeless, useless and unfulfilled. He was however not aware that everything was carefully orchestrated by God to lead him to his place of destiny. Despite the frustration, somehow the  hope within him kept him from giving up until his breakthrough came. Everything changed and somehow all the pain he went through was justified.

Another noteworthy biblical example is David. The bible takes time in documenting the many attempts of the adversary as represented by Saul to kill David (This is significant). No matter what Saul tried, somehow he could not kill the anointed king. Against all odds, David ascended to his predestined throne at the appointed time. At some point, David was convinced that Saul was going to kill him and he became fearful. The pursuit therefore became so much that David also felt that his anointing meant nothing after all. He started to doubt the prophetic word concerning his life. Jonathan even had to reassure him about the certainty of his divine appointment as king of Israel. Whatever you are scared of right now will not succeed because no weapon formed against you shall prosper until you become the king of the domain you were created for. Whatever you fear is there to push you to your place of purpose. It is meant to shake you off your comfort zone, to force you to look within and awaken the dormant giant inside of you. Whatever you fear is meant to cause you to ask questions about the reason for your existence so that you may not lose focus in a world of many influences. Even your stupid mistakes are not enough to cancel your predestined path because God will discipline you and mature you so that you may put away childish things lest you sabotage your purpose. Though it may seem overwhelming and hopeless right now, one thing will go right in your life and change everything. All you have lost will be restored manifold and you will smile again. The scales of life will balance and the amount of your smiles will eventually be as many as the amount of your many frowns. Whatever you were created to do you will do because your life story was written and sealed in advance. It is like fixed cricket match. The contrasts and the confusions in your life are like the problems the protagonist must fix in your favorite movie. Your troubles are what make the story interesting and fulfilling. It is the challenges and hardships that make success such a sweet thing. God is trusting you with so much trouble because you have the right specs in you to bear it. He has placed enough in you to deal with all your struggles. You have it in your to win.You need to shake off the feelings of being overwhelmed because you can handle whatever is being thrown at you. If God allowed it then you can handle it.

Allow me to close by reiterating the fact that nothing will harm you until you complete your divine mandate. Though you may walk in the valley of the shadow of death, you shall not fear because your Maker will keep you safe. He has an investment in you. Do not fear. He who has promised is faithful. God will finish what He started. He did not bring you this far to leave you. What you are afraid of is false evidence appearing real. (F E A R)





Does the cake know more than the baker?

Can the cake ever bake itself?

Maybe that is possible in another dimension where different rules of logic apply but not here.

In this world there is always a purposeful and greater mind behind an object of creation.

Allow me to employ this analogy of the baker and the cake to elucidate a point.  You are the cake and God is the Baker. I am often accused of putting God in everything I write but is He not the source of all life? Life makes no sense without the premise that there is a purposeful and intelligent mind behind what we call existence. Everything in its uniqueness was created to play a particular role in this movie of cosmic proportions.

Now the baker felt the need to bake a specific type of cake. Being a pro, He knew exactly which ingredients to use for this type of cake. God had something specific in mind when He created you. If He wanted something else He would have created it. You are therefore perfect as you are. Your strengths and weaknesses were designed to work together in balancing the masterpiece that you are. There is nothing missing so learn to appreciate yourself and embrace your uniqueness. Your so called flaws are there for a reason . Everything about you is the way He intended. A good baker knows exactly how much of each ingredient to put to get the desired product. Some things about your character may seem contradictory but everything is how it should be. You have the right mix of contradictions for you to be successful at what He created you to be.

Another important point is that the baker knows exactly how long the mix needs to stay in the heat. We usually ask God to take us out of the oven before time because we can’t wait to show the world what we can do. We fail to realize that He who initiated the process knows what He is doing and has accurately timed the process. He is not a man that He would miscalculate. God’s timing is always right. You will become useless if you force your way out of the oven too soon. You will not be consumable and you will not last because of your lack of depth.

This baker is a specialist and knows exactly where He is taking you. He is preparing you for a people and in due time will present you to them as a gift.


autumn roads

One of the most painful things to do is to watch people close to you succeed while you remain stuck in one place. What is wrong with me that you are not blessing me Lord? Why is it so hard for me? Was I merely born to be a spectator and watch others succeed?
God is not a respecter of person’s but He deals with us differently. He knows what you can handle and maybe that is why He blesses others first because you have the strength to stay longer in the school of life to learn deeper truths . Don’t compare yourself then to others because your assignment is different from theirs. This is your journey. This is your unique path. It may be hard right now but one day the sun will shine on your life too and you will look back and smile.
Instead of wasting time trying to be like other people, ask God what He has put in you and what His plan is. You are uniquely created for a predetermined purpose. Only you can do what you have been assigned to do. Also don’t try to be rich in an area you are not gifted in because you saw others succeed in that area. You have to be yourself and look deep within yourself. What is it that sets you apart? There is something that you do so well, something that no one else can do like you do. That is your unique gift that will bring you to the presence of kings.

You have to be one mature individual to see God promote someone right next to you and not be envious. You can only do this if you know who you are and who God is. The revelation about your identity and ultimate destiny is what will see you through. It is this knowledge that will remind you that your time will surely come. If you feel rejected then it is a sign that God is working. It is a set up for a comeback. Let them talk down on you, don’t defend yourself. Let God be the one to speak for you and trust me He will. He will bring you up and establish you and many will not believe that it is you.

When you want to sharpen a knife you rub it against rough objects. Everyone knows that a sharp knife is more effective than a blunt one. God is sharpening you that is why you are going through so many rough patches. You are being rubbed against rough places because He wants you to be sharp and effective. Your blessing is not denied but it is delayed. The bigger the purpose, the longer the training. Remember though that God will raise you up so that you can bless others. It is not just about you.This thing is bigger than you. T.D Jakes says “It’s not about you boo boo”.



This often sounds cliché but it is worth reiterating. God can close doors no man can open and He can open doors no man can shut. When God says “yes” no one can say “no”.  As a child of destiny, everything you have achieved and will ever achieve is by grace. Now if you believe this then you must also believe that if God wants you to have something He will ensure that you get it. This is so because children of purpose are aligned with God’s purpose for their lives.

As your employer, God will ensure that you have what you need to carry out your mandate. He will fight for you and orchestrate events in your life so that everything is aligned for your benefit. He will ensure that the right breakthrough comes at the right time in order to move you to the next phase of the plan. An aspiring actor may struggle for years to break into the industry but if God says “it’s time” then indeed something miraculous will happen. God is taking you to the next level right now and nothing or no one can stop it. All you need to do is to embrace it and be grateful. Joseph was in prison and at some point he thought God forgot about him but as soon as he was ready, God caused someone to remember him. He had the potential all along but was not ready to rule until the Potter was done shaping him. The title of this post is called “The employer’s obligation” which I feel is a good analogy. God hired you and it is He who will ensure that you have everything you need to do your job as assigned. Jesus said; “Ye have not chosen me I have chosen you..”

God will make it happen because you have a job to do and it is not your job, it is His.